AdWeek "Sephora's New Digital Campaign is a Timely Anthem for Inclusivity"

The mainstream beauty industry is constantly telling women how to look and feel. 
Sephora tasked us to create a brand message true to their mission "Let's Beauty Together" 
while also celebrating individuality.

We created a brand message that welcomed any person to
#NeverStop being whomever they choose to be, going beyond makeup.

Holy shit, featuring a woman over age 40 in beauty and fashion category,
a woman who is gender fluid/trans and range of skin tones.

We additionally featured 5 individual women neither defined
by conventional beauty nor societal standards:

As a trans female, Karis is constantly playing with gender fluidity
#NeverStop Doing You

#NeverStop Bringing It
Loving her personality and creating meaningful connections


Earning her grey hair and loving natural at any age
#NeverStop Owning It 


Learning to work with her unique eye shape and embracing being different
#NeverStop Standing Out