As tensions in politics and culture seemed to be ever-growing,
we created a message of self-love and inclusivity from Sephora to all women, and those identifying as one.

Before the over-saturation and disingenuous messages geared towards women,
Sephora wanted the world (and the beauty category) to know all are welcome and
committed to a strong brand anthem and visual stories.

AdWeek "Sephora's New Digital Campaign is a Timely Anthem for Inclusivity"
”Sephora wants to show that beauty doesn’t come in one shape or size.”

In addition to Sephora’s #NeverStop Anthem, we featured 5 individual women’s stories
neither defined by conventional beauty nor controlled by society’s standards:

As a trans female, Karis is constantly playing with gender fluidity
#NeverStop Doing You

#NeverStop Bringing It
Loving her personality and creating meaningful connections


Earning her grey hair and loving natural at any age
#NeverStop Owning It 


Learning to work with her unique eye shape and embracing being different
#NeverStop Standing Out